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Eco Choice Carpet Cleaning Services

We can also add a protector for your carpet and upholstery. Most spills will clean up easier as the protective treatment helps to resist soiling and helps block stains and repel spills as well. Helps traffic areas form becoming destroyed. 

BEFORE we arrive, if possible, we ask you to vacuum all the areas.

What to expect for Eco Choice Carpet Cleaning

In addition to stains, pet odor is a common problem.

Removing the pet urine smell can be a challenging and frustrating process.

Pet Odor Removal Process

When urine soaks beneath the carpet to the padding and the floor beneath, the pet odor is considered to be multi-layered. In these severe cases, the pet urine smell can affect the whole house. Eco Choice Carpet Cleaning use a sub-surface injection method and special neutralizers to effectively eliminate pet urine and pet odor from your carpet.

Pet Stain Detection

Black lights are used to detect pet stains on the carpets. This is done to accurately identify all the areas on the carpet and floors that must be treated. Home owners often assume the carpet is damaged beyond repair, but are amazed by the results we achieve.

Our Pet Odor Removal vs Regular Pet Odor Cleaners

At Eco Choice Carpet Cleaning we use specially formulated solution in our pet odor removal service. Each stain is thoroughly treated and cleaned.

Please understand that the damage caused by urine may be permanent and in some cases may cause color bleeding on some wool area rugs. We cannot be held responsible for this damage because it was not caused by Eco Choice Carpet Cleaning.

Service Areas

We service Kelowna, Vernon, and the entire Okanagan Valley including Salmon Arm, Armstrong, Enderby, Lumby, Falkland, Fintry, Oyama, Lake Country, Winfield, West Kelowna

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