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WHY Choose Eco Choice Carpet Cleaning

Our Cleaning Methods

We use with a combination of environmentally friendly chemicals and the hottest water, we will bring your indoor fabric to the cleanest and healthiest state.

We use the steam extraction. The steam comes from custom-built carpet cleaning machines (truck-mounted machines) which powerfully extracts moisture and dirt from carpet.

It's the healthiest and the #1 method clinically recommend to anyone specially those who suffer asthma, allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Steam cleaning is a safer, eco-friendly and less hectic way of keeping carpets and upholstery clean all the time . It remove dirt, pollens, dust mites and animal dander from your carpet. Avoiding allergens can even prevent asthma among children, which is a very common illness in our days. There are many airborne particles which causes allergic reactions in children, elderly and pets. Dust mites living in carpet, rugs, mattress and upholstery can affect your home's air quality and produce allergic reactions in skin, eyes and difficulty to breath. Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly as it kills nearly 99% of bacteria by only using heat and water require far less chemicals then regular shampoo method does. The chance of any chemical residuals being left behind is significantly reduces. This ensure that your health and the of your loved one is protected by removing all possible chemical residues that may remain after cleaning.

The benefits of hot water extraction and its advantages over the other methods

A. The pre spray used by Eco Choice Carpet Cleaning is all-natural ingredients, leaving your carpet completely free of any harmful chemicals found in industry standard soaps and detergents.

B. High powered suction and hot water are the key forces behind steam extraction. Almost all carpet manufactures recommend this method, it’s better for your carpet and leaves behind a healthier indoor environment.

C. The only way to remove lower level dirt is with high powered suction. Bacteria, pollens and dust are sucked up easily with the Steam Extraction Method.

Encapsulation Method (usually called “dry cleaning”)

This method relies on a polymer like chemical which is sprayed onto the carpet with the intention of attracting and dissolving the dirt. Shortly after it is applied it dries and it is vacuumed away. It is common for this method to leave behind a visible white residue as well as high levels of pollen and bacteria which remain in the lower levels of the carpet.

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